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Royal Initiative Concept

Royal’s initiative towards a better life. This is a is a non-profit entity which provides educational, psychological and financial support as well as creating awareness in hopes of creating a more unified community where each individual enjoys better quality of lifeA non-profit community initiative it`s target is providing humanitarian, professional and material support to the individuals and institutions and promoting the foundation of a diverse society whose members enjoy a better life.


Royal`s goal is to become a leading, non-profit organization that supports individuals and institutions in their humanitarian and professional careers.


To lead the community with a multitude of initiatives in hopes of sparking a positive change in every individuals life

Targeted Groups

  • Educational sector
  • Non profit organizations
  • Professional associations
  • Charities

Scope of work

  • Awareness campaigns for the accepting of others
  • Summer internship programs for students
  • Sharing experience with start ups and entrepreneurs
  • Participation in national campaigns
  • Supporting initiatives for patients and all members of society.
  • Providing specialized training courses for vocational training in all fields
  • Cooperating with competent authorities internally and externally to carry out periodic awareness campaigns in order
  • to integrate differences into society and work towards acceptance.

Royals past, current and future campaigns

  • Free distribution of wheelchairs
  • Supporting Fawzia al Sultan rehabilitation center
  • Distribution of one million masks
  • Free replacements of blood glucose meter for diabetics
  • Providing cancer drugs at cost price for all patients.
  • Supporting soroptimist, which aims to educate and empower women and society in economic, health, environmental
  • and educational aspects, by providing the necessary medicines and medical supplies to different groups of vulnerable women and children, especially those exposed to violence of all kinds.